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About Ian Paul Power

I was born and raised in Dublin Ireland by two wonderful parents who I won't embarrass by naming here. I have always written, though it took many years before I managed to write anything of length (Nevermind of quality). The first thing I wrote that gathered attention was a Role Play Game scenario called 'Dungeons Dimensions & Dragons'. I wrote this scenario under the... insistent persuasion of my friend Andrew, whom I will embarrass by naming here. The scenario won best written game at Gaelcon Games convention 2009. I received my prize and I was informed that I had to write another one for next year. So began years of writing sell out scenarios, many of which can be found in the Games section of this website.

I enjoy writing scenarios, and running them, but there was a need for something more. I knew I wanted to write a novel, but I lacked the drive, the purpose, and most importantly, any idea of what to write. Then I read about the Terry Pratchett Unpublished Author competition. Here was an opportunity, and as I read about it, an idea came to me. And so began 'The Other Whisper'. It was a struggle to find the time to write, and to be honest I don't know if I would have got it done in time were it not for the advice, encouragement and friendly competition from my friend and fellow author Lora O'Brien.

I wasn't selected for the shortlist of the competition, though with over 500 entries it was always going to be stiff competition. But a little boutique publishing house Wolfpack Publishers read my novel and liked it so much they decided to publish it. There are not enough emoticons on the internet to express how ecstatic and scared that makes me, all at once.

Other than that, I'm just me, I live in Dublin with an amazing fiancé and generally try to be a good person.
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