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The Other Whisper

"My name is Eoin, and I'm mentally ill. Every day is filled with whispers, and every night with tears. Nothing can stop the sounds that tear my life apart. Now there's a new doctor, and a miracle pill. But instead of banishing the whispers, it gives them a voice, and that voice is telling me that my doctor is out to get me..."

Eoin is 15, and caught between two worlds. When his mysterious new doctor proposes a radical treatment, he jumps at the chance to rid himself of the haunting whispers that plague his thoughts. But the whispers do not go away. Instead there is a new voice, stronger and clearer than those before, a voice with dire warnings and strange demands. The voice tells him that his doctor is lying and will get him killed. Isolated from his family, Eoin must decide who to believe, as the world he thought he knew crumbles around him. Who can he trust, his doctor… or The Other Whisper?

The Other Whisper is available to order in paperback and ebook format from Wolfpack Publishers, and is also available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon.

For those looking for a peek inside the world of The Other Whisper, you can listen to the first two chapters by clicking here

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